To be a prominent centre for study of world affairs
with an India-centric perspective and
disseminate an independent alternative world view;
To reach out to People of Indian origin around the globe to help them work
together and with local communities;
and help achieve the ultimate goal of 'Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam'


  • Promote study and research in the in the field of foreign affairs, history and culture through various means, including providing scholarship and other assistance to the researchers.
  • Organise, assist and participate in seminars and symposia on ancient cultures & traditions that inhabit this planet and getting such studies broadcast through various publications like books, articles in journals and other media; that could result in re-discovering common threads in global civilizations and help create a better holistic world view.
  • Assist scholars and people in taking up study tours outside India to study cultures and traditions in various countries to promote their coordination and synthesis.
  • To study the impact of various political systems of the world on different communities.
  • Work with organizations and bodies pursuing similar objectives in international field and create a network of like-minded organizations globally.
  • Promote, arrange and co-ordinate in exchanges of visits by scholars, academicians, opinion-makers, artists & writers, documentary and film producers for exchange of ideas and knowledge and their documentation.
  • Establish good relations with embassies and consulates to establish better people to people contacts and receive information from them about their respective countries.
  • To establish contact with various PIO/NRI organizations overseas and compile exhaustive information about their activities.
  • Publish books and research material about migrant Indians, their culture and their role in emerging societies that PIOs / NRIs have adopted.
  • Conduct various competitions and lectures in educational institutions and create conducive environment for research on various global subjects among the emerging generation.
  • Use latest technologies like Web, audio-visual material to create material on Indian culture, tradition, history, philosophy, arts and sciences etc.
  • To establish VAK Institute of International Studies that will conduct courses in International Studies, International Relations, Diplomacy and advocacy on International issues, International Trade and business management.

    • Ancillary activities to nourish VAK objectives:
      • To conduct specially tailored orientation programme for overseas Indian students and youth.
      • To conduct specially tailored orientation programmes for foreign youth and students.
      • To organize visits to social service projects in India for PIOs/NRIs, foreign youth and students.
      • Support study and propagation of traditions and culture of Indic civilization amongst PIOs/NRIs.
      • To organize camps to impart knowledge about Indic cultural values to children of Indian and foreign parents coming from overseas for vacations or jobs.
      • To help establish hostels for NRI/PIO students studying in India and help arrange accommodation for Indian students studying abroad.
      • To help deserving candidates with training for competitive exam of Indian foreign Studies.