Profile of Late Lakshmanrao Bhide

One of the most important milestone in his chequered public life was the organization of Friends of India Society International (FISI) in U.K.and U.S.A. to expose the dictatorial misdeeds of Bharatiya government and advocate the cause of democracy in Bharat with direct and indirect lobbying against draconian emergency laws in Bharat. This organization played a pivotal role in bringing together various Bharatiya organizations around the world and later held global conferences of FISI in 1977 in Delhi, post emergency, in New York in 1978 and in Mumbai in 1982.

1980 onwards, Bhide ji traveled all over the world relentlessly to organize Hindus in different countries of the world. He was instrumental in establishing Vishwa Hindu Parishad branches in USA and other countries. He guided many international Hindu conferences during these years, including the grandest and unprecedented Hindu Rally at Milton Keynes in 1989 attended by over one lac disciplined Hindus in UK.

His tireless efforts fructified in the World Hindu Camp (Vishwa Sangh Shibir) lasting a week, in the year 2000 where nearly 700 active senior volunteers working in PIO arena from 38 countries converged in Mumbai for the conference. It was as if, he was just holding his last breath to witness this event that was a culmination to see his life's work. He passed away within a couple of weeks after this event.

In 1958 he was sent as the first-ever Vishwa Vibhag Pracharak to Kenya in East Africa to guide the working of the Bharatiya Swayamsevak Sangh which was founded in Kenya in January 1947. He oversaw the growth and consolidation of the work of Hindu consolidation and organization in Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania and Mauritius there. The umbrella organization of Hindus, Hindu Council, played an active role in helping people migrate to new countries during the difficult times in 1964 in Uganda and neighbouring countries. After his return to Bharat in 1970, he was requested to help Matrubhoomi Swayamsevak Sangh organize itself in Nepal. He again worked at senior positions in RSS in Bihar and Eastern UP.

During Emergency years Bhideji was specially sent to UK and USA to organise a pro-democracy struggle. A new organisation Friends of India Society was born and Bhideji had a big role to play in its formation.

He also helped in organising the 1977 post-Emergency FISI conference in Delhi followed by the one in 1978 in New York.

In 1980, he undertook the first round-the-world tour along with Mananeeya Bhaurao Deoras and visited many countries to establish new contacts. His was a very important role in starting the VHP in USA and many other countries and organising their periodic conferences.
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