Facebook generation's face-off with global challenges

Shri Datta ji interacting with students
Shri Datta ji's interaction with youth
Shri Sital'ji with Guests
Shri Sital with VAK committee members
Shri Sital with Shri Ashok Goyal
Book Stall
Dignitaries on stage
Ms Mamta Vora the MC
Shri Datta ji offering petals
Shri Sital ji offering petals
Shri Ashok ji offering petals
Vedic prayer by Ms Shubaga Narasimhan
Welcome Address by Shri Sanjay Kelapure
Ms Nehal offering boquet to Datta ji
Ms Shubaga offering boquet to Shri Sital
Ms Nehal offering boquet to Shri Ashok Goel
Dr Satish Modh giving profile of Lakshmanrao Bhide
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