Universal Brotherhood Day

We conduct an annual program Universal Brotherhood Day around Rakshabandhan. The event is targeted at select elite audience comprising of consulates of all countries with offices in Mumbai, scholars and academicians, CEOs of select corporate organizations, intellectuals and foreign nationals residing, studying or working in Mumbai.

'vasudhaiva kutumbakam' meaning "The whole world is one family" & 'krunvanto vishwamaryam' meaning "Let us ennoble the world" are two shining gems from the immensely rich Vedanta that have extreme relevance today.

U B Day is an occasion to reaffirm our commitment and faith in the time-tested Indian philosophy that has given the world the priceless message of unity in diversity.

Universal outlook is the hallmark of Indian thought. Many festivals, rituals and ceremonies are celebrated to reaffirm this spirit over and over again. Rakshabandhan is one such occasion when the bonds are strengthened within a family and as well as society.

Standing at the gates of an important epoch, the world is compelled to again search for those values that would draw a new course for humanity that would, ensure peace, development and security for the whole world. We believe that the U B Day function is a small step in that direction.

  • The First Lecture was delivered by Shri Yashwanth Sinha topic "1-2-3, Nuclear India Towards New Horizons" on 31st August 2007.Click Here (Invitation|| Short Biography of Shri Yashwanth Sinha|| Report|| Image Gallery)

  • The Second Lecture was delivered by Dr. Subramanian Swamy on 31st August 2008 on the topic India-China: Traditions to Trade Relations.Click Here (Invitation|| Report|| Image Gallery)

  • The Third Lecture was delivered by Dr. B.K.Modi on 7th August 2009 on the topic India in the Centre Stage of Emerging i2inations.Click Here (Invitation||Competition|| Report||Image Gallery)

  • The Fourth Lecture was delivered by Shri. Ajit Doval on 27th August 2010 on the topic Challenges to Universal Brotherhood.Click Here (Invitation||Competition|| Report||Image Gallery)

  • The Fifth Lecture was delivered by Prof.R.Vaidyanathan on 19th August 2011 on the topic Tax Havens and Blak Money India should provide Leadership to emerging markets.Click Here (Invitation||Competition|| Report||Image Gallery)

  • The Sixth Lecture was delivered by Swami Vigyanand ji on 24th August 2012 on the topic 'Hindu Economy - Past, Present and Future' Click Here (Invitation || Report|| Image Gallery)

  • The Seventh Lecture was delivered by Shri Sundeep Waslekar on 30th August 2013 on the topic 'Making the Concept of Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam A Living Reality' Click Here )| Video Gallery)

  • The Eighth Lecture was delivered by Prof. Suryanarayan on 8th August 2014 on the topic 'India Sri Lanka Relations - New Challenges and New Opportunities' Click Here | Report| | Video Gallery)

  • The Nineth Lecture was delivered by Shri Piyush Goyal on Sat - 22nd Aug 2015 on the topic From Non-Alignment to Global Alignment Significance of New Foreign Policy Click Here | >Video Gallery)

  • The Tenth Lecture was delivered by Adv. Nalin Kohli on Sat - 22nd Oct 2016 on the topic Only a Secure Nation can Guarantee Universal Brotherhood Click Here (Invitation | Image Gallery) |